Library of the Scientific Academy of Sciences was created from scratch since 1947. However, due to the complicated situation of PAU and related organizational changes , as well as the difficult housing conditions , material and human resources to function intermittently and has been repeatedly reorganized . Repeatedly books from its collections were transferred to the country, for example in 1971 a valuable Polonica (including prints of the Great Emigration ) were transferred to the Library of Sciences in Kórniku .

The collection consists mainly of items purchased after 1970 . The library specializes in documenting the historical and cultural associations of France and Polish , Polish place in modern Europe , the history of Polish science and its achievements, the diversity of Polish cultural heritage : literature , language , art, music , etc. Stock is constantly updated .

For several years, the library is constantly improved . Computer database catalog is available online.

The library collection numbers some 13,000 volumes of books and 100 journal titles (including about 50% of the titles updated regularly ) .